This Swiss Startup Created a Revolutionary Solution for Industrial Agriculture
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Swiss AgriTech startup Gamaya created a unique solution that allows agricultural businesses address commodity crops cultivation challenges and gain a deep understanding of their farmlands and plants health.


Gamaya’s solution includes a hyperspectral imaging camera that is mounted on drones or manned aircraft and is paired with analytical software.


When the drone flies above the field, camera monitors the state of soil and crops. A high quality and precision hyperspectral data captured by camera is being analyzed by Gamaya analytical software and turned into actionable insights for farmers and agronomists. This solution allows agricultural businesses to conduct diagnostics of field crops and detect such potential problems as diseases, pests, weeds, mechanical damage, nutrient deficiency, environmental stresses at an early stage.


Gamaya states that its technology will help farmers to increase crop yield by 7-25%, reduce the use of fertilizers by 30%, eliminate disease and weed-related losses by 50%.


Being created as a result of several environmental projects, Gamaya’s technology allows the company to directly contribute to the sustainability of industrial farming. What’s more, with its solution Gamaya aims to respond to the need to feed the world’s growing population that is expected to reach 10 bln people.


For more details about Gamaya, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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