25 European Startups Revolutionizing Agriculture Industry
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At a meeting of Agriculture Ministers during G20 Summit that was held in China, FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva emphasized that agricultural industry requires a renewed focus on innovation in order to fight poverty and hunger. He also added that the industry needs more investment in research, technology and capacity development.


Innovative technologies can help farmers to manage fields, monitor crop growth, increase the crop yield and improve its quality.


Increased crop productivity, in its turn, would allow to meet the global demand  for food, which is on the rise due to the growing world’s population, and help feed millions of undernourished people in developing countries.


However, it’s also important to consider the impact of agriculture on the environment. In the EU, only 4.7%  of the working population are farmers, but they manage around the half of the EU’s land. And, since agriculture both contributes to climate change and is affected by climate change, it’s essential to develop innovative solutions that would allow to modernize agriculture and, in the meantime, minimize its impact on the environment.


Magazine MN took a closer look at the European startup scene and created a list of innovative European startups aimed to revolutionize the agriculture industry.



AGRISHARES is an online marketplace for sharing agricultural machinery, equipment and services. AGRISHARES matches renters’ needs and owners’ spare resources, optimising efficiency and reducing costs for both sides, thus creating a win-win solution.



Agrivi is a global ag-tech company that builds farm management software solutions with a vision to change the way food is produced and make a positive impact on more than 1 billion people.


BeeMon Solution

BeeMon Solution created a system that allows honey producers to monitor bees and receive alerts via mobile app.



BeeZon created a real time continuous apiary monitoring system that aims to solve beekeeping problems that occur as a result of climate change and affects the entire ecosystem.



Agrostis is an IT company with a mission to develop and market information and automation technology products and services in the agricultural sector.



The “Poultrics” Rural Poultry Management System is a Cloud based solution that addresses the technical, operational and administrative obstacles that hinder the development and sustainability of pasture/free-range poultry. The system tackles business critical issues such as feed conversion, water consumption, desegregation of consecutive fowl generations, strict nurturing times, genealogical traceability, thorough documentation, stock and warehousing of fowl products, financial statistics and analyses, etc.



Trecker.com is a SaaS platform that enables farmers to track working hours accurately to one minute and to know where most of their time is spent.



Fieldmargin provides a simple and flexible way for farmers, agronomists, operators and accountants to record, analyse and share spatial/crop data.



CropDiagnosis is a ​mobile application aiming to improve pest management decisions by making crop diagnosis more accurate, selection of chemicals error-free and application assisted by personalised instructions.



Smartbow created intelligent SMARTBOW Eartag that records the activity of your animals in the barn, detects heat and changes in rumination behavior around the clock. You get automatically generated alerts on PC, Smartphone or Tablet and can take fast action.



eViti is the most convenient and affordable vineyard management software for small vineyards that helps winegrowers to spray smarter and get all information about the vineyard, like vineyard properties, activities, and environmental data.



Agroop is a farm management app that helps farmers manage their farm and sell their production.



Agroptima empowers farmers with the information and tools they need to make their farms more profitable.



FieldSense is a smartphone, tablet and web application using satellite data to help farmers and agronomists monitor crop health.



Connecterra is a tech company based in the Netherlands, that combines the power of sensor technologies and machine learning to provide a complete health monitoring service for the dairy industry. Connecterra’s end-to-end solution consists of a wearable device, which monitors the herd in real-time and transmits the data to a cloud platform for analysis and prediction of behavioural patterns. This allows farmers to free up labour time, improve milk production per animal and save a significant amount of money by optimising their breeding cycles.



WIDHOC is developing intelligent systems to optimize irrigation. The goal is to provide the farmer more information about the soil conditions of crop, the quality of irrigation water and the water status of the plant. WIDHOC will help farmers save water and energy, obtain higher quality of the fruit and increase the production.


Agry Eye

Agry Eye is building analytical system based on a remote vegetation and soil sensing. This system is able to save up to 30% of expenses for farmers.



Italian startup Evja created OPI, a product designed for agricultural companies operating in the Wine Industry and in the Forth Range sector (fresh packaged lettuce/spinach/radish).



Cropti helps cooperatives and farmers to keep their field notebooks and traceability updated.


Vital Fields

Vital Fields created a farm management system that allows to plan fieldwork  and assign field activities s to operators. Vital fields also provides a personal weather forecast for all of your fields and a simple overview of your fields, field locations and crops, completed and planned activities, per-hectare costs, etc.


Agro Innovation Lab

Agro Innovation Lab has been offering a range of photographic and other services with its drone “Speedy” and plans to take about 3,000 soil samples this year with its soil sampler “Ranger” in order to give farmers optimum advice about how to fertilise their fields.



Agricolus aims to provide a complete system for managing pesticide and growth treatments for agricultural crops.


ECF Farmsystems

ECF Farmsystems is planning  and constructions of fish and vegetable farms in urban environments to produce healthy food with minimal transportation miles, water consumption and co2 emmissions.



SoilCares aims to provide the world’s farming community with data-based precision farming tools in order to extensively increase crop yields.



Wingssprayer develops efficient and environmentally friendly crop spraying systems that allow to reduce the amount of spraying chemicals needed to effectively protect crop.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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