Google and FAO Developed Tools for Environmental Monitoring to Help Tackle Climate Change


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in co-operation with Google launched Open Foris, an online platform designed for monitoring forests and the use of natural resources.


Open Foris consists of a set of free open-source software tools, developed by FAO in partnership with Google, that process high-resolution satellite imagery automatically and provide citizens, governments and other stakeholders with a timely and accurate information on the state of national forests and land.


Open Foris tools support users with gathering and disseminating reliable and detailed information that is vital to decision makers when it comes to planning the use of natural resources within a country or region and developing effective forest and land-use policies in order to help mitigate climate change.


Open Foris tools can be used for different purposes such as completion of socio-economic surveys, monitoring agricultural land and changes in land use, implementing multi-purpose forest inventories, detecting misuse of natural resources, quantifying deforestation, reforestation and desertification, biodiversity assessment and climate change reporting.


According to FAO, governments of Finland, Germany and Norway provided a financial support for the development of Open Foris tools.


Visit Open Foris platform to learn more about tools.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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