How to Plan an Active Holiday the Whole Family Will Enjoy
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A family holiday is something that all members of the family look forward to months in advance. The kids are going to be jacked up the most, but you and your spouse will also be looking forward to a well-deserved break from your daily routines. Regardless of how much spending leisure time with your loved ones might seem attractive, the issue of different concepts of fun will rear its ugly face.


You might want to lie down in the hotel room, the kids will be jumping to get outside, and your spouse might want to go out for a candlelit dinner. In order to meet everyone’s needs, you need to plan the vacation ahead and be sure to include a lot of outdoor activities. That’s why the activities need to be universally fun so they are sure to remain in good memory for the kids and adults alike.




Pedaling on land and water

Bicycles are fun to ride, especially for your children who are still grasping the basics. Renting bikes at the place of stay is a great idea for an active holiday. Pedaling is good cardio (for the parents) and a whole lot of fun (for the kids). The best thing about vacation cycling is the fact that you get to ride through nature and the picturesque scenery of your destination. Whether it’s a mountain trail, an urban cycle path or a seafront quay, you are bound to have hours of fun. You will save money on gas, help protect the environment, and get a chance to dine and camp in locations otherwise inaccessible by foot or motorized transport.


If you are going for a vacation to the sea, lake or a river, then you can pedal on the water as well. If the place is touristy enough, there are bound to be canoes for rent. Get each member of the family their own boat, grab the pedals, and start exploring the wilderness from the water. Of course, if your kids are inexperienced, then the person renting the canoes should give them a crash course on how to behave properly.


Also, don’t forget to put on protective gear like helmets and life vests. Once you’re all set up, you are ready to explore the nearby sea caves and beaches as a family, which will prove to be a real adventure. Furthermore, pedaling strengthens your upper body musculature so don’t be surprised if you’re sore in the evening. If you rent a boat, then you can pedal as the children enjoy the scenery.


active holiday


Going up

Now, an indoor climbing wall is a whole lot of fun and you’re kids have probably scaled one or two of these walls. However, climbing a real mountain is a different cup of tea. Once adrenaline gets involved, a leisure activity like climbing turns into a real adventure. Of course, look for easy treks that don’t involve a lot of steep cliffs but offer more of a “horizontal” adventure full of ladders and bridges.


Like with pedaling on the sea and land, you should wear the best possible gear. From helmets, ropes, and comfortable hiking shoes to getting both a paper and a digital map of the area, you need to set off fully prepared. Because you are hiking with your children, extra caution is necessary as you can never be too safe.


A good swim-out

Staying near a body of water offers countless opportunities for an active family holiday. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are just some of these leisure activities but, perhaps, the most fun is swimming. Instead of letting your children play in the shallows alone while you bask in the sun, join them for a swim.


The next summer holiday is the ideal chance for your kids to learn how to swim which they cannot accomplish on their own. Teach them the basic strokes and then swim out with them to deeper waters. This way, they will instantly lose the fear of water, which will be more than helpful when they grow up. Before you enter the water for educational purposes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let the lifeguards know what you are doing so they can keep a close eye on you, just in case something goes wrong.


Having fun while camping

If you decide on a holiday destination that involves camping out in the open, then you can prepare several outdoor activities to keep the whole family entertained. The children should be allowed to climb a tree or even build a treehouse, under your supervision, of course. Furthermore, you can bring a couple of old sacks and organize a family championship in sack racing. You could fly a kite, catch a fish using a net in a nearby river or gaze at the stars. The possibilities are endless and they depend on your imagination. Remember what you did with your parents when you and your spouse were children, respectively.


All in all, a family holiday can be enjoyed by the whole family. Just because you are twenty years older than your kids, doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the same outdoor activities. Grab a bike or a kayak, prepare the right clothes and protective gear and head outside for a truly memorable holiday.

Written by Morgan Rose Elliott



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