Meet Greenamity, a Belgian Startup That Implements Reforestation Projects in Developing Countries

Greenamity enables individuals and businesses to offset CO2 emissions from their activities and make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change and poverty by planting trees in the most deforested areas on the planet.



Greenamity is a startup from Belgium that was founded by Fabrizio Rossi in 2014.


Greenamity aims to make the world a better place by developing and supporting small and medium sized reforestation projects in the least developed countries. Because of a high level of bureaucracy in these countries, most small and medium sized reforestation projects have little to no chances to receive a necessary technical and financial support.


Greenamity decided to address this issue. The platform allows people who want to make a contribution in the fight against climate change to plant trees in certified carbon projects. It works this way: you create account on the platform, choose the species and location where you want trees to be planted, and finance the local farmers who will plant the trees and take care of them.


As Fabrizio Rossi writes on Greenamity blog, “This crowdfunding approach will enable us to support reforestation projects that otherwise would have never been implemented. Such approach is the key to encouraging forestation and reforestation projects where they bring tangible social and economic value to local communities.”


On Greenamity, project funders invest in planting trees that not only affect the environment in a positive way, but also provide a significant value to local farmers who get access to fruits and wood products that can be used to launch new businesses or for daily needs.


“We believe that paying small farmers and forest users for the CO2 they sequester through planting trees is an effective way to help fight climate change and alleviate poverty”, writes Fabrizio Rossi.

Greenamity seeks to implement reforestation projects in the most deforested regions on the planet, where planting trees will make the greatest impact. Furthermore, Greenamity collaborates with recognized NGOs and social cooperatives to ensure that local communities are actively engaged in the process of project design and implementation.


Each tree or forest financed through the platform has its own account on the platform and is geolocated, so that project funders are able to observe how trees grow over the years.


Fabrizio Rossi says,“Our methodology is based on the use of geographical references for each planted tree and a continued monitoring activity provided by pictures and satellite images. Project funding partners become the real verifiers because they can monitor and enjoy the projects by accessing the remote monitoring system on Greenamity’s website.”


Businesses that wish to offset CO2 emissions released as a result of their activities are also able to plant trees using Greenamity. You can read stories of the businesses who have already planted trees here. Planting trees helps businesses not only boost their image and credibility in the eyes of customers, but also neutralize emissions from their activities in an engaging way. Project funders are also able to adopt trees, gift them to employees or partners.


Greenamity has already successfully completed projects in Madagascar and Bolivia. Greenamity plans to launch 5 new projects by 2018.


Visit Greenamity website to learn more about the company.


By Natalie Myhalnytska


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