This Smart Meter for Shower Will Help You Reduce Water and Energy Consumption

According to Alliance for Water Efficiency, showers are the third largest water consumers (after toilets and clothes washers) in the average household. However, very few people actually realize how much energy it takes for water heating and how their shower habits affect water and energy consumption. What’s more, the increased consumption of water and energy not only makes budget expenses go up, but also has an impact on environment. The way households use resources significantly contributes to global CO2 emissions.


Amphiro AG, a spin-off company of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of St. Gallen, developed the world’s first smart meter for shower amphiro b1 to help bring awareness of personal water and energy use to consumers and motivate them towards a sustainable usage of resources.

The device itself doesn’t cut the consumption of water in the house. It encourages consumers to use the hot water more efficiently when they shower. This not only helps to reduce the water use, but also cut the expenses on energy required for water heating.


Amphiro b1 doesn’t require complicated installation, making it easy for the average house owner to fit it into the tap or shower fixture.


Every time someone starts taking a shower the device turns on within a fraction of a second. For every individual shower taken, amphiro b1 displays water and energy consumption data, current water temperature and energy efficiency class (on a scale from A+ to G-). The device automatically sends captured data via Bluetooth to amphiro b1 app (that can be downloaded to computer, tablet or smartphone) and then to the cloud, allowing consumer to keep track of consumption history and trends.



The feedback received from device in real-time allows users to get a sense for personal use of water and energy resources in the shower.


The information on how consumer’s individual actions affect the environment, not only helps consumer to reinforce awareness for the impact of his behavior, but adapt it in favor of a lower consumption.



What’s more, thanks to alarm setting feature in a new amphiro b1 mobile app, consumers are able to set goals (time, water volume or energy consumption) and get notified  when to stop current shower.


Besides this, user can create an energy saving contest at home and make the process of saving energy even more exciting.


Amphiro b1 is compatible with all standard hand held shower heads wordwide and displays data according to the consumer’s country standard.



One of the greatest advantages of amphiro b1 is that it doesn’t require any batteries. Amphiro b1 is a self-powered smart meter which harvests energy from water flow thanks to underlying micro-mechatronic system.


Studies conducted by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy proved that after installation of amphiro device households reported average savings of 23% (440 kWh heat energy & 8500 l drinking water).


The device is being produced in Austria according to strict environmental standards.


Image credit: Amphiro


Watch the video to learn more about Amphiro.

Visit Amphiro website for more details!

by Natalie Myhalnytska


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