Swedish Startup Airinum Created Urban Breathing Mask That Protects People From Air Pollution
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The high level of air pollution, especially in big cities, is becoming more and more widespread. As a result, millions of people around the globe suffer from diseases caused by air pollution.


To help people combat this issue and protect themselves from undesirable diseases, Swedish startup Airinum created urban breathing mask for everyday use.


“We all breathe 10,000 liters of air every day. Yet, few people realize the implications of breathing unhealthy air. Air pollution is now accountable for more than 7 million deaths each year and living in urban cities like Delhi, Los Angeles and London has been compared to smoking several cigarettes a day.”, say Airinum founders.


The idea of creating urban breathing mask occurred as a result of personal experiences of Alexander Hjertsröm, the CEO of Airinum. Shortly after Alexander moved from Sweden to India, he started suffering from his long-gone symptoms of asthma. He realized that symptoms occurred again because of a high level of air pollution.


But finding a suitable mask for everyday use that would help to protect from polluted air turned out to be very problematic.


“It was evident that the current product offering had not taken a user perspective into account. I simply couldn’t find a mask I would like to wear. I only found industrial respirators that had good protection but were extremely uncomfortable to wear, or poorly protective masks with flamboyant designs.”, said Alexander.  


Upon his return to Sweden, Alexander shared his problem with his friends and, as a result, they decided to create Airinum.



Unlike traditional breathing masks, Airinum is equipped with adjustable nose clip, ear loops and elastic bindings to ensure a maximum wearing comfort and a perfect fit for all sizes. The mask is also equipped with  two exhalation valves that remove moist, heat and carbon dioxide, making wearer feel natural to breathe in.


But the biggest advantage of Airinum mask is its three-layer high-tech filtering technology. The result of external testing proved that Airinum  mask can protect its wearer up to 6 times better than a traditional mask. What’s more, consumers don’t have to worry about hygiene since filters can be replaced and the mask itself is made of washable skin.


Three-layer high-tech filtering technology can protect wearer against 99% of viruses, bacteria and smog.


Besides its reliability, mask also has a beautiful Scandinavian design. As co-founder of Airinum Fredrik Kempe says, “We don’t believe functionality needs to compromise design. Urban breathing masks should be an avenue for personal expression as any other fashion item. After all, breathing masks cover half your face. Our masks are therefore carefully designed so everyone can feel confident wearing our mask.”



Visit Airinum website and stay tuned for more updates from Airinum!


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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