Meet UpRight, a Wearable That Will Help You Improve Your Posture
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Many people who live a sedentary lifestyle suffer from back and neck pain, fatigue and reduced productivity. However, most individuals who spend long hours sitting don’t even realize that the number one cause of the issues mentioned above is a poor posture.


As it turns out, bad posture may lead to more health implications than one can even imagine. A number of studies have shown that slouching may affect your mood, making you feel nervous, passive, sleepy and sluggish, whereas sitting upright not only increases the level of serotonin, a hormone that improves your mood, but also boosts your self-esteem.


Besides being a contributing factor to back and neck pain, poor posture is also linked to problems with digestion, metabolism and heart. Recently, American Posture Institute published article about studies that link poor posture to asthma. According to, sitting with bad posture reduces the level of oxygen in body and brain cells leading to many chronic diseases.


Despite many evidences showing that sitting upright improves health and helps to avoid illnesses, many people still find it difficult to control their posture all the time.


In today’s article, I’m going to introduce a wearable device called UpRight, which is designed to train you to sit upright and help you fix your posture in a natural way.



What is UpRight? What problem does it solve?

UpRight is a wearable device created with the aim to help people train themselves to sit upright and fix their posture. No additional time for training is required. You can start training with UpRight while performing daily tasks – writing, reading, watching TV, working at the computer, meditating, chatting with family or friends, etc.


UpRight helps to improve your posture and, thereby, prevent diseases that mainly occur as a result of sitting with bad posture.


How did the idea of creating UpRight occur?

The idea of creating UpRight occurred when Oded Cohen, CEO and co-founder of UpRight, couldn’t find effective and simple device to help his mother fix the posture. So, he decided to create the device that would allow her to improve her posture in an effortless and effective way.



How does it work?

It is very easy to use UpRight. The device attaches to your lower back with a hypoallergenic adhesive. Every time you slouch the device vibrates, reminding you that you have to correct posture.


After you attached the device, you have to pair it with the mobile app via Bluetooth. UpRight app is created in collaboration with doctors and trainers. It generates a unique personalized training program taking into account your individual needs and personal profile. This specialized program is designed with the aim to help you train core back muscles and build muscle memory, so that you’ll train yourself to sit upright with much less effort in a natural way.


What’s more, training takes only  15 minutes - 1 hour a day. As a beginner, you may start with 15 minutes and gradually increase the time of training to 1 hour.


Such training will not only help to strengthen back muscles but also change their memory step-by-step up until the moment you start correcting your posture sub-consciously.


The app, generating real time analytics and statistics, creates training summary for each day and allows you to track your progress upon completion of each goal.


UpRight’s special sauce

Unlike other devices available in the market, UpRight allows to achieve first positive results within a relatively short period of time after the beginning of training.


UpRight’s training program is fully customized to your personal profile and takes into account changes in your posture throughout the training process.


UpRight’s built-in dual sensor and advanced algorithm ensure a high accuracy of device.



Where can I order UpRight?

The device is available on Amazon. You can download the app on Google play and AppStore.

Also visit UpRight website for more details.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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