Dutch Startup Vexx Premium Food Has Developed a Healthy Alternative to Conventional Snacks
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Very often our modern work schedules, hectic lifestyles and stressful situations leave very little time for healthy eating and prompt us to pick snacks and drinks on the go. As a result, we tend to resort to less healthy options - fast food, packaged chips, sodas and energy drinks. Of course, eating such foods once in a while might not do much harm. But consumption of unhealthy snacks on a regular basis may lead to digestion problems, weight gain, increase in blood pressure and heart diseases.


Dutch startup Vexx Premium Food has developed organic shakes as a healthy alternative to conventional foods that are rich in trans fats, fast carbs and artificial sweeteners.


Vexx shakes were primarily developed for people who want to boost their cognitive and physical performance during daytime, but whose lifestyles don’t allow them to make enough time for cooking healthy snacks. Therefore, shakes are a good fit for office workers as well as fitness enthusiasts and active travelers.


Vexx shakes come in meal-sized biodegradable packages. Cooking Vexx shakes, which are based on minimally-processed, organic ingredients and have a dried powder form, takes less than 1 minute. All one has to do is to mix the content of the bag with 500 ml of water/milk, shake it and voilà – you have a freshly made “organic shake”.


Vexx shakes contain over 95% organic ingredients and do not include such allergens as gluten, lactose, soy, peanuts and walnuts. In addition, shakes help you to reduce daily sugar intake since they are sweetened with stevia, a plant which is used as a calorie-free sugar substitute.


As the founders of Vexx say, “We try to act more sustainably, with organic ingredients that were given more time and space to grow according to their natural environment. All we do is combine these minimally-processed ingredients, and offer them to you in convenient, low-waste packaging.”



Being enriched with proteins, Omega 3, magnesium, fibers and other essential nutrients in the right proportions, Vexx shakes can help you boost your productivity and keep you focused, energized and full for up to 6 hours.


One Vexx shake contains approximately one third of Recommended Daily Amount of all essential nutrients, making Vexx virtually a “normal meal” that can be consumed as a breakfast, lunch or even dinner.


Currently, Vexx Premium Food offers shakes with two flavors  – Chocolate Recharge and Hint of Banana. Vexx also plans to add more flavors for different target groups.


Learn more about Vexx Premium Food on their website.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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