Swiss Startup Created Light Bulb That Protects Your Home From Burglary

Swiss startup ComfyLight created a LED lamp that protects your home from burglars and intruders.


ComfyLight lamp learns how you and your family members move around at home. As soon as all family members leave the house, lamp starts simulating their movements making neighbours and strangers believe that there’s always someone at home.


CEO and co-founder of ComfyLight Stefanie Tuber said, “Our research into the Internet of Things at the University of St. Gallen gave us some valuable insights into the smart home market. We were unable to find a security solution that gives home owners and tenants peace of mind. Conventional systems don’t trigger an alarm until the burglary has already happened – they don’t proactively protect the home. Plus, installation is often quite complex.”


It takes only a few minutes to install ComfyLight. You’ll simply have to replace light bulbs in your home with ComfyLight lamps. After ComfyLight lamps are being installed, you’ll have to download the app (it is available for iOS and Android) and connect the lamps to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The app allows you to remotely monitor your home and sends alerts in case unusual motion is being detected. In addition, ComfyLight app generates icon for each family member and notifies you who is at home. But, ComfyLight creators ensure that individual privacy is being respected and, therefore, light bulb isn’t equipped with any cameras.


User data is being stored on servers in Germany which are certified to handle even highly confidential medical data.


Besides being a home security solution, ComfyLight also offers automatic lighting option. When you enter the room, it switches the light on. When you leave the room, it switches the light off.


ComfyLight is headquartered in Zurich, but the company has also office in Munich.


For more details about ComfyLight, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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