This Solution Lets Cities and Regions Measure Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Real-Time


Startup Everimpact created a unique solution that allows cities and regions to measure their Greenhouse Gas emissions in real-time.


To detect the origin of CO2 emissions and generate highly accurate data on city’s Greenhouse Gas emissions, Everimpact uses Space technology (through partnerships with Space Agencies) complemented with high-performing ground sensors that are placed around the city or region.


Data captured by satellites and sensors is being processed and stored in a secure Big Data software platform provided by Everimpact. Using software, users are able to track the city’s CO2 emissions in real-time and get an overview of how city’s measures to combat climate change are working.


In addition, Everimpact hardware ensures that city’s carbon data is being certified and verified with various gas networks and Carbon Markets. This allows cities to access the carbon trading markets and monetize their CO2 emissions reductions.


To make a further impact in the fight against climate change, Everimpact established partnerships with such organizations as R20 Regions of Climate Actions founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and other global leaders in cooperation with the UN, Group on Earth Observations, CAP 2100 International, and others.


To learn more about Everimpact and its solution, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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