Natural Cleaning Hacks for Your Home [Infographic]
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The chemicals in harsh household cleaners are not only bad for our bodies, but they are harmful to the environment as well. Chemicals like bleach clean well, but at what price?


The University of Bergen in Norway found that toxic chemicals in common household cleaners have been linked to lung disease and asthma. They found that being exposed to chemical cleaners daily for 20 years caused the equivalent lung damage of smoking 20 cigarettes a day!


How is anyone supposed to keep their household clean? Most people don’t realize that you can easily make effective cleaners at home! This list of natural cleaning hacks from Simply Self Storage contains recipes that include ingredients you likely already have around your home.


Many can be made in a few minutes or can be made ahead of time to have at hand. Some are infused with essential oils or citrus peels to smell great. Once you have these cleaners there is no reason to use toxic cleaners again!





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