Meet HEAVN, a Desk Lamp That Will Help You Boost Your Productivity
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A startup based in Munich created HEAVN ONE, a bio-inspired desk lamp that will help you boost productivity and attention levels during working hours.



HEAVN ONE was developed in co-operation with the Technical University of Munich. The product is designed mainly for office workers and individuals who spend long hours sitting at a desk and feel the lack of sunlight.


According to founders, “The lamp is not only a lighting for the workplace but also imitates the ideal variation of the sun over the day. The thereby used therapeutic frequencies of the light activate the biorhythm and foster health and productivity.”



HEAVN ONE lamp emits a blue spectrum of light for a calculated amount of time based on our daily work cycles. And, as a research has shown, exposure to blue light can boost cognitive performance, increase alertness and productivity. This allows HEAVN ONE to stabilize our biorhythm naturally and helps us stay awake without drinking coffee or tea.


By combining a finely crafted desk lamp with modern light therapy, HEAVN founders aim to help businesses and individuals design healthier workplaces and facilitate productivity at the same time.


For more details about HEAVN ONE, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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